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Cyber/Breach Insurance Program

Protection Tips

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Protection Tips
  - Implementing the following will reduce the likelihood that you'll experience a data breach.
    - Breaches come from external hackers and a good number from simple carelessness

  • Protect sensitive information at all cost
     - Keep sensitive information on a "need to know" basis
     - Update your software regularly
     - Back-up your files to an encrypted flash drive or external hard drive
     - Use passwords, or physical locks to keep sensitive electronic data and physical files accessible
       only to those who need it
     - Deploy extensive firewall protection via your home or business routers
     - If computers, phones, tablets are donated or traded in, be certain to completely wipe all data
     - Secure & then completely destroy notes containing usernames, passwords, customer personal
       or payment information, etc.
     - Be alert to impersonators by being careful about who you trust online
     - Safely dispose of personal information by shredding documents
     - Use strict privacy settings on your computer, devices and internet browsers
     - Be careful when sharing personal information on social media
     - Be cautious of what you download from the Internet
     - If your social security number is requested by a vendor, ask why it's needed and how it will be
       used and protected
     - Regularly check your credit report to ensure you don't see accounts you didn't open

  • Questions to ask yourself
     - What information do you collect?
     - How do you store the information?
     - Who has access to the information?
     - How do you protect your data?
     - What steps are you taking to secure you computers, smartphone, email and other tools?

  • Your data may have been compromised if you notice any of the following:
     - You see unexpected withdrawals from your bank account
     - You don't receive your bills or other mail
     - You clicked on an unfamiliar link from an unknown sender in an email that caused computer issues