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To all who have called or written to us regarding their experiences with the programs offered by PRO Insurance, we Thank You and want to let you know that we value your comments.

We all like to hear that we are doing a good job and many of you have asked that we share your stories with others so that they don't hesitate to explore what these programs can do for them.  Whether we've saved you money on your healthcare insurance, provided coverage to you when you were at a dead-end with others, whatever the story is, we'd like to hear from you.

If you'd like to have your comments added to these pages, please write or email us with anything you'd like a We value your input at anytime.

"This year, my husband and I received very unexpected news—his position with his employer was being eliminated.  We knew we could live below our means, but our biggest concern was health insurance coverage.  Because of my position as an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc., I knew that insurance through PRO Insurance Managers could be a good option for us.  Having never “shopped” for insurance, I will admit I was overwhelmed just thinking about making the phone call!  I called the toll free number from its website and talked with Alex who was more than patient with my many questions.  His follow up, both on the phone and through email, was very thorough.  He was knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to talk with.

We chose the coverage that worked best for our needs, which gave us tremendous peace of mind as my husband began his job search.  What a relief to know that our health care coverage fit our needs AND was affordable.   I have recommended PRO Insurance Managers to my business associates and family.  I highly recommend them!”


Lisa Nussman

My husband and I have been self employed for the past few years and were shocked to see what we have had to pay for family medical benefits through a company that claims to be for the "self-employed.

I was so excited to hear that PRO Insurance was going to be offering benefits to Cookie Lee Consultants and was amazed at the outstanding benefits offered for myself and my family at a considerably lower price.

We now have an excellent medical plan along with vision, dental and life insurance for under the price that we were just paying for medical!

PRO was so quick to help with choosing a plan that fits my family needs and the application was processed and approved in only a week!

Having PRO Insurance available to my consultants is such a benefit to myself and so many I really feel that some consultants will be able to fulfill their dream and be a full time consultant and not have to hold onto another job just to keep their benefits.

Thank you PRO Insurance Managers! You have already made a difference in my life and going forward I can't wait to see the differences in so many other consultants lives!"

Shirley Arnett
Executive Director,
National Trainer
Cookie Lee Jewelry

"We are now saving half of what we would have paid through our old health insurance carrier - N.A.S.E. After becoming agitated by letters every six months that our premium was going up another $100, we changed to broader coverage plans offered through PRO Insurance and were able to go from $700 per month to $368, a savings of $4,000 a year!

Jamie & Brad K.
Omaha, NE


"I can't begin to tell you the trouble we've had finding a health insurance plan that would accommodate our family.  I have diabetes and while it is a mild form, companies were not interested in offering me coverage.  After speaking to PRO Insurance (Rich took the extra time necessary to listen to all of my prior problems), they came up with a workable solution that provided me with coverage when no one else would.  With the high cost of health care in today's world, I couldn't have gone uninsured and now I don't have to!  Thank you so much."

Barbara Rodenhill
Plano, TX


The MultiCare card works to provide coverage where Medicare does not.  God Bless you PRO Insurance for making this available to us.  We could not afford the prescriptions sorely needed otherwise.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You."

Betty Beck
Scottsdale, AZ


"Thank you so much for having coverage available for me to quit my full-time job and pursue my dream!"

Eau Claire, WI


"I just recently got married.  Lisa's insurance is $340. per month and mine is $190.  We wanted to merge our policies into one account.  After getting personal attention from Rich; he reduced our monthly payment to $195. for both of us for a similar plan.  We are saving $335 per month.  That is a savings of $4,020 per year.  Needless to say we are very happy.  Thank you Richard, and all of your professional staff, for all of your help and advice."

Carl & Lisa Wagner
Holland, PA


"Honest, straightforward, unbiased advice.  When Rich Fuchs said he was a broker and that made him our advocate, he didn't lie.  We saved $278.00 a month!  They listened to what we wanted and offered plans that provided more benefits than we requested, for much less money.  I'm recommending PRO Insurance to all of my friends."

Bill & Theresa Blackman
Boston, MA


"We were unable to obtain health coverage for my husband due to his recent cancer.  PRO Insurance' Benefits Card offered us guaranteed acceptance and it does what it says it will do, we've saved hundreds of dollars on Bill's prescriptions and doctors office charges.  If it wasn't for PRO and this solution to our needs, we would be paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars needlessly."

Bill Freidland
Costa Mesa, CA



"I used the MultiCare Benefits Card for a large group of dental procedures recently and instead of paying the over $4,000 in cost to the dentist, I paid less than half!  The card cost of $9.95 was immediately offset by the savings provided.  No where else can you find these kinds of savings.  On my budget, I wouldn't have been able to afford to go to the dentist."

Robert Parks
Los Angeles, CA

Yours can be here too, click this email link and give us your thoughts.  Thank you.


"When I quit my full-time job, we had to pick up health insurance. We selected a plan from NASE for self-employed people at $249.00 for 3 of us - when our first year was up, they increased our premium to $502.00 with no dental, doctors visit co-pay and only paying 50% on prescriptions.  I began interviewing insurance companies again and everyone was outrageous! I contacted Rich Fuchs' office and was given excellent information.  We now have a dental plan, doctor's office co-pay and a great prescription plan than the plan that would have cost us 3 times more!"

Theresa & Robert Russell
Newark, DE