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Coverage Highlights

protects your home business year round?

  • Up to $1,000,000 in business general liability coverage, both on and off your residence premises
  • Includes $5,000 (and up to $100,000) in business personal property limits for protection at home and while temporarily off premises
  • $5,000 per person for medical payments to customers or vendors injured on your premises
  • Optional coverage's available for electronic data processing equipment, money and securities and terrorism coverage
  • Availabile in all states
  • Coverage's satisfy event or show liability requirements
  • A standard $250 or $500 deductible applies depending on insurance company quoted

HOME BUSINESS INSURANCE plans offered by PRO Insurance can fill the gaps left by most home insurance policies and provides inventory, business personal property and general liability all in one package.

If you have a full-time or part-time business you operate from your home, here’s why you should consider this coverage: most homeowner’s insurance policies DO NOT cover an in-home business.

In-home business policies are designed specifically to handle the business insurance needs of a home-based business. In addition, an in-home business policy can provide coverage for lost income and the loss of valuable papers and records that occur as the result of a covered loss.

An in-home business policy provides coverage for losses or damage from business activities conducted in your home, or off-site anywhere nationwide. That means your coverage can extend beyond the boundary of your home to include protection for your business property while you are in transit and provides liability coverage when you are performing business-related activities at a trade show, craft show, festivals or someone else’s residence.

Again, most homeowners and renters policies do not cover liability or damage to property from business activities.



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We are now saving half of what we would have paid through our former plan.  After seeing our premium increase every year, we changed to broader coverage offered by PRO and were
able to go from $490 a year to $268,
a savings of $220 a year!
Jill - LuLaRoe

You’ve worked hard
 to build your business. Your homeowners’ policy may not provide the important property and liability coverage you need to protect your business. A Home Business Policy offers you peace of mind for many situations, here's a few examples of common events.
  • A customer or delivery person visiting your home slips and falls. Since the visitor was at your home for business purposes, the Home Business policy will provide the needed liability coverage excluded under your homeowners policy
  • Your laptop is damaged by an electrical surge. The Home Business policy includes coverage for equipment breakdown for no additional charge
  • Your inventory is damaged by a fire. The Home Business policy includes coverage for damaged business property as well as loss of business income
  • You are working a trade show and someone trips and falls over your display, the Home Business policy will provide the liability protection you need. Your homeowner’s policy provides no coverage since this was a business event
Included & Available Coverages

Business Liability
Liability coverage protects should there be an accidental third party bodily injury or damage to someone else's property. Limited product liability coverage is included as well in certain circumstances. The liability limit extends nationwide (including events, trade shows, festivals, etc.). $1,000,000 per occurrence is quoted automatically however, you can also optionally select lower limits of $300,000 or $500,000.

Business Personal Property
This coverage insures your business equipment, inventory, displays, etc. We automatically include $5,000 for BPP, with optional limits up to $100,000. The standard deductible is $250. In certain circumstances, the insurance company may also pay for the loss of your business income resulting from damage to your BPP.

Electronic Data Processing Equipment Coverage
Available for an additional premium, this is an optional coverage for computers, printers, software, and other electronics if related to the business. This coverage is broad, covering many different types of computer losses, and there is no deductible associated with this coverage.

Money and Securities Coverage
Available for an additional premium, this optional coverage insures business-related money, checks, etc. if they are stolen or destroyed, at your home or when temporarily off-premises.

Additional Insured Coverage
Available for an additional premium. We can add on certain types of additional insured's, including controlling interest, co-owner of insured premises (if not married), manager or lessor of premises, lessor of leased equipment, owner of leased land, grantor of franchise, or state/political subdivision. The most common type is manager or lessor of premises, which is helpful to insured's that sell temporarily at shows and are required by the venue of the show to add them as an Additional Insured to be able to participate.

Terrorism Coverage
Insurance companies are required to offer this, which would insure your business against losses in the event of a certified terrorist act (as defined by TRIA) in your area. In most cases this coverage is $1/year, but could be up to 20% of the total premium. Customers do have the option to reject the coverage.