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The Life insurance (really all of the programs) offered is a great recruiting tool. In addition to the products you market, tell potential downline that affordable Life insurance is available to them too at the same competitive rates as you get. It's a proven fact that these programs will open doors and help build your organization. Simply direct them to our web site.

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Life Insurance

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PRO Insurance is pleased to offer highly competitive pricing on Term Life insurance products through literally all of the country's top "A Excellent" rated carriers. You can easily compare what you may have now by simply clicking on the "Get a Quote" button above.

Term is most always your best insurance value. And now is the best time to shop since you are never younger than you are today! With Term Life plans you are purchasing a policy that will pay a specific amount should the named insured pass away.

We offer plans that deliver excellent value, as well as long term guarantees. You may choose to lock in your rates for 10, 15, 20 and even 30 years depending on your age. No matter what happens to your health, to the economy, to insurance rates or regulations - you name it, nothing can change these rates. And once these locked in rates expire, you can requalify for low rates if you choose, or just continue the policy at the rates shown in your policy, either way coverage can be renewed generally up to age 100.

What does it cost to buy time? Less than you'd probably think since rates have just gone down again to some of the lowest levels we've experienced in years!



                                            Carol, 31,
                                    $250,000, 10-year
                                       term life policy
                                         for less than
                                         $9 a month*


Honest, straightforward, unbiased advise.  We saved $278 a year and it was on a higher amount of life insurance than I have now.
Bill Freidland

 *Preferred best non tobacco rates